Many people will argue that canned food is better for your pet than dry food. The bottom line is that your pet’s nutrition is a priority for you.  At the end of the day, there really is no single right or wrong way to feed your pet, that is unless you’re feeding it directly from the table. What does matter is that you choose food that is as healthy as it is soft or crunchy and is suited for any medical condition. The purpose of this article is not to claim that one type of food is better than the other for your pet, but to provide the advantages of each so that you can choose what you feel is the best for your pet based on its needs.

Here are a few important advantages to consider when purchasing dry food for your pet. You find that some of these advantages are about as cut and dry as the food itself.  First dry food is easier to measure and store.  Most dry foods don’t have an expiration date and can be stored for long periods of time.  Dry foods in general are also less expensive than wet foods, which means more savings.  Dry food also serves as a basic convenience for pet owners who are too busy to feed their dogs during the day. It’s easy to just leave some food in a dish to feed your pet while you're gone until you return from work or a short trip.  Dry foods also make good training treats to reward your dog. Finally, there is also an oral benefit to using dry food. Dry food can be used as a dental supplement to help shape and clean teeth as the animal chews it. Certain dry foods are designed to clean the teeth of your pet while protecting it from gum problems as it gets older.

In addition to the benefits of dry food, canned food also offers a number of advantages for your pet.  Many pets will prefer wet food to dry food because of its palatability and consistency with real meat, but that does not mean it's better. It offers the same amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as other dry foods.  Canned food is also easier to digest and a great option for those pets that are older and have missing teeth or smaller mouths.  Lastly, wet foods can be a good source of hydration during the hot summer months and if your pet is reluctant to drink enough water throughout the day since it is moist.

Again there is no right or wrong choice. Ultimately, you should pick what you think is best, but do so that it satisfies your pet’s nutritional requirements. It’s all just a matter of which type of food is best for your pet in the long term while fitting your personal lifestyle.