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Getting Your Home Ready For A New Cat


“Cat-proofing” your home in preparation for a new cat is one of the first things that you should be worried about. There could be things that are hazardous to them as well as things of your own that you want to protect. Here are some things to look out for when you get your home ready for a new cat:

Pretty much anything that is hanging will most likely get clawed at. Blind cords should be tied up out of reach. Most importantly you will need to be very cautious with your electrical cords. Computer cords will be one of your cat’s favorite so consolidate them by taping them all together. Other things that should be considered are hanging telephone cords.

Sweat the small stuff
Even the smallest household items that you normally wouldn’t think twice about should be picked up. Things such as rubber bands, paper clips, etc. should be cleaned up because they could be a choking risk to your cat.

Toxic traps
Maybe you set out that poison for mice a while ago but haven’t picked up yet. All those traps that you’ve set for pests can also be harmful to your cats so if they’re essential, make sure they are in a spot where the cat definitely can’t get to them.

Your valuables
Cats will jump everywhere they can get to. That’s just the fact of owning a cat so if you have a Ming dynasty vase (or just a nice flower one) that you don’t want shattered, put it somewhere else where it can’t possibly get jumped on and toppled over. Also be cautious if you have a cat that likes to scratch everything in sight.

  • Sweet Peas